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2005 AI West Schedule?


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Am I truly that blonde, that I can't find a schedule for next season? Would anyone mind helping me out, and pointing me in the general direction of said schedule?


Thanks, and "you guys rock!"



"What engine? I need an engine? Where's my engine?"

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We'll get to it on the mailing list today. The supposedly quiet off-season has been anything but that, so we just flat out didn't get to it. Look for some traffic on the ai-west yahoogroup later today.



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Hi Guys,


Happy Holidays.


How long between the time it hits the mailing list and it getting posted here or on the AI West Webpage? This question is driven by the fact that I'm not on the mailing list...




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Here's the schedule for 2005 in the West. See you all soon.




March 12/13 Cal Speedway


April 9/10 Infineon


May 14/15 Thunderhill


June 11/12 Buttonwillow


August 6/7 Infineon


September 10/11 Willow


October 8/9 Buttonwillow


October 29/30 Thunderhill

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