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Hey guys I wanted to start a new thread, but this is related to the new ride height rule. I was wondering if you guys that run SN95 Mustangs would mind giving me some info. I'm doing some suspension work and need to know what the avg. SN95 ride height is (from the ground to the lowest part of the rocker not including the pinch weld). If you guys wouldn't mind listing your cars ride heights in the front and the rear that would be a great help. Also if you wouldn't mind including what suspension you run that would be great too, thanks.

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So full-skirt aerodynamics (where the entire front fascia skirt and side skirts rub the ground) are legal? I'm not sure what kind of sense that makes...... Making exceptions for mufflers, and such makes sense to me, but making it not apply to the bodywork is beyond me.

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