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Dyno at PIR 8/9 event....


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It should be put back together, but who knows. Money and time is always a limiting factor for me.


The Quaife lsd's FINALLY came back into stock, so I should be receiving that shortly. I will be ordering my pistons on Monday and hopefully everything will go smoothly from there.


Really hoping I will get everything back together in time. I can't handle missing another race, especially for the new season.

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Good luck w/ that Danny. Are you building your motor or are you having a machine shop do it? I think you said you're going from stock size to .040" over right? Sounds like you'll need a machine shop for that.


My machine shop is dragging their feet on my H4 motor. They've had all the pieces for 2 months now. It's partially my fault for never calling them, but I've been way too busy to even think about it. They said it should be done the week between Xmas and New year's, but that's cutting it pretty close for making Jan 8/9. Especially considering that I'm only off for that week, then I have to go back to my crazy ass work hours and won't have time to get it done. Oh well, if I don't think I can get it together in time, I may just leave the ZC in there and be classed H1 for a race or two. I'm just out to get experience this year anyway, so it doesn't really matter.


Sorry, just realized this post is pretty far off topic, so let me ask Paul a question. About how much would the dyno runs cost if we had one at the track? Jon and I might be interested to get a baseline on our motors and see if either of us has an advantage on the other.


- Scott

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I am going 40 over on the pistons. I am doing all the work with the help of a friend of mine. The only thing we are not doing is obviously the over bore for the pistons. I will take the block to a machine shop just to have em' grind away.


I think I will be ready to go. I will throw my whole Christmas bonus at the car. Who cares it is just money, right?

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