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AS&M LT1 Headers FS- '94 and '95 F-bodies


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Someone has "first dibs" on these. However, should this deal fall through I am listing them for open sale.


First, here is some background on these headers:




These will fit '94 and '95 f-bodies.


As you can see from the pictures and the post text, these are relatively new and in good shape.


Catalytic Converter - When I got my car, there was a straight pipe in it - it had no cat. It would not pass PA inspection without one, so I went to Monro and had them get a new high flow cat (don't know the brand name and the receipt doesn't say), and weld both flanges from the straight pipe onto it to make it fit perfectly. My *great* idea was to have a bolt-in cat that I could swap with a straight pipe at will... I just never got around to the straight pipe construction idea. Doh! Cost me $423.57 parts and labor - I just checked the receipt. So, not only will that cat bolt right up in the stock location, it will also be easily swappable with a straight pipe if you want to be able to do this. I had this cat fabricated to make it that way.


Pricing - The reality is that the RK Sport headers appear to be identical in both design and construction materials. The AS&M's go for around $750 and the RK Sports list for $599 and are currently on sale for $450. With this in mind, I figure a fair price would be $425 plus shipping INCLUDING the cat (which doesn't come with the new headers). If you don't want the cat, then I would let the setup go for $375 plus shipping. New, this setup cost almost $1,200 including the cat and everything is less than 2 years old. I think that these are fair prices.


If you have any questions or want additional information, just ask.

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