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anyone interesed in going Karting during the off season?

maybe we can do an unoffical HC Kart race?


If you have a KART bring it down to BW and well go for it.

And well have a HC KART race as my KART is powered by 125cc Honda

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I'm up for karting. Only this time please let me know at least a few days in advance.


The whole point of this thread. I'm thinking mid to early jan..


If there are enough people (10-12) we can rent the track out for us only.

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whoops, didn't know I was going to be missing the NASA thingy. There was some great entertainment last year huh?



any body got a new date? mike you in sacto yet?

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I'm up for it. Go to Moran, best track in so cal. It would give me a chance to meet some HC guys and give me a little idea of how you car guys race. I'm probably going testing at Moran next weekend, so let me know what you think.

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