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2005 Rules Notice

Ryan F.

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To: Honda Challenge Competitors


Re: 2005 Rule Changes


This letter is to outline some of the significant rule changes that will be in effect for the 2005 racing season. The final rules package will be released on or before Jan 15, 2005. The main basis for the rule changes is to keep competition close while offering a wide range of competitive platforms.




a) Minimum Weights

D series (single cam) = 1950lbs

B16 series = 2100lbs

B18, B20, and others not listed = 2200lbs

K & H series = 2350lbs

F series (2.0 liter) = 2650lbs

F series (2.2 liter) = 2750lbs


b) Engine

K Series Cylinder Head- Must use unmodified OEM camshafts and rocker assembly that is sold with K series cylinder head. JDM is considered OEM and is permitted. Cylinder Head preparation must conform to rules in 16.3 ©


c) Brakes

S2000- Allowed any brake as permitted in 16.2 (1) with 150lbs weight penalty

NSX- Allowed any brake as permitted in 16.2 (1) with 150lbs weight penalty


d) Chassis

K-members may be modified altered for fitment of engines.





Cars currently classified in H5 will also have the option to run in H4 at a lower weight.

86-89 Integra = 2275lbs

88-91 CRX DX = 1900lbs

85-87 CRX Si = 1900lbs

92-00 Civic CX/DX/LX = 2175




Cars equipped with vacuum advance distributors may perform necessary distributor modifications to install other Honda electronic advance distributors.

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