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D,B, & K Series Final Drives


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We are about to place an order for another (10) SRR Honda Final Drives before the start of the 2005 season.

If you are interested in a particular ratio please call and confirm what you need.

These things sell out within a few days of arrival so call or email what you want and we'll call you as soon as the parts arrive.


In Stock: K-20 (Honda) Ratio: 5.0 $510.00 +S&H

B18c SRR Ratio: 4.9 $475.00 +S&H

D16 SRR Ratio: 4.9 $475.00 +S&H

Coming: B18c SRR Ratio: 4.75 $475.00 +S&H

B16a SRR Ratio: 4.7 & 4.9 $475.00 +S&H


SRR Rear Camber & Toe Kits, Alloy Rear lower control arms, P-Ci Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearings also available for Civics and Integras.


Ph: 714 635 6414

Email: [email protected]



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Just wanted to point out that thos D16 FD gears will only work in hydro transmissions. these do not work in cable actuated trans.


Other than that good deal!

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