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'94 Formula Firebird Roller - AI/AIX


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I've decided road racing is too demanding on my time to continue. My job is taking more time and I'm having a lot of fun playing with my 2 year old son.


I'd like to sell the below car as a roller, but if you're looking for various LT1 powertrain components to come with the car I'm sure I can accomodate. Just email me and I'll send you the full spreadsheet. I just bought a Z28 and will use probably just about any parts you don't want with the Firebird on that car to build a fun street / track day car.


Prices for each part are listed to the left. I will remove any component on the car that you don't want. For suspension pieces stock parts can be provided in lieu of the aftermarket if you wish, for no charge.


Car only raced one race last year before I had to call it a season.


Base Car

3600 No wrecks ever on car with excellent original paint job



125 Global West upper front control arms (installed winter ’03)

125 Ground Control spring height adjusters (600 front / 175 rear)

75 Extra springs 900 front / 225 rear

100 Bilstein shocks (fronts using Strano revalve)

0 BMR Panhard rod

150 LG Motorsports aluminum rod end rear LCAs (installed winter ’03)

40 21mm rear swaybar (1LE)

100 35mm front sway bar (hollow Strano bar - installed winter '03)


Wheels / Tires

700 AFS (black) ZR1 style wheels 17x9.5” with Toyo RA1 275/40/17 tires (installed May ’04, used for 2 sessions)

700 AFS (black) ZR1 style wheels 17x11” with Goodyear ZRS tires 315/35/17 (installed Fall ’04)

200 2000 Z28 wheels 16x8" with Toyo street tires (good tread left)


Body and Chassis

350 C5 front brakes (spare set of rotors and Cobalt Friction GT VR pads)

0 Brake ducting

0 LG Motorsports subframe connectors

0 Rollcage done by Jim-Powski Racecraft ( http://www.jim-powski.com/gallery.htm )

125 Corbeau Forza driver’s seat with adjustable mount

0 Grant steering wheel

0 Battery mounted in passenger seat area

0 Fire system, out of car (have the tank and nozzles as well as activation cable, needs lines)

25 Fire extinguisher

0 Alan Blaine targa top to replace t-tops – bonded in place (installed winter ’03)

0 Percy’s Speedglass windshield - 3/16” thick (installed winter ’03)

175 VFN liftoff fiberglass hood (not painted or installed yet)

0 Factory hood - just removed this summer

0 Front fascia has been opened up to allow front breather once tube front bumper is made

75 Transponder mounted (hardwired - installed winter ’03)



175 Torsen T2R & 3.73 gears


If you want everything included above and just the 16" wheels to make it a roller it comes to $5300. Start taking parts off you don't want and the price comes down quickly.


Link to pictures of car Sept. ’03. ( http://home.comcast.net/~miketaylor68/GoinRacin.htm )


I don't want to sell anything individually until the roller sells, so please don't email about parting everything out. I'd love to see this car back on the track, even if someone else is driving.


Please email with any questions you may have to miketaylor68"AT"comcast.net

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