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Snell rating for helmets in '05


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What is the minimum Snell rating acceptable for the new year? Snell generally certifies every 5 years but there are no Snell '05 helmets AFAIK. Would Snell 95 still be acceptable?

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The new Snell 2005 helmets are supose to hit the shelves in October.

NASA racers are required to have either the current Snell rated helmet, or one level prior to current. After October, Racers will need either Snell 2005, or Snell 2000 to be legal. This will also be true for helmets used by refuelers and crew during Enduros. HPDE is not the same. The current tech guide lines for NASA HPDE are that the helmet be in 'Good to Excellent' condition. "Fair" is NOT OK. Most helmets are designed to last five years. After ten years of use a helmet is almost certainly junk. However, If someone were to produce a mint Snell 85 helmet, my understanding is it would still be fine for HPDE. No Scull Caps, Kiaser Spike, or Viking style helmets will be allowed (no matter how cool they are). As October approaches, finding the right fit and the right helmet is going to get more difficult as vendors reduce stock in anticipation of the new rating. Remmember that a Snell 2000 helmet should take you right up to the 2010 renewal. Also, try to remmember that these rules were put in place for your safety. It is not only your life at risk, but the good reputation of our sport:)

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