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Question about year eligibilty


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I believe it's a VANOS requirement that the '92s don't have. And they want to keep them all the same as far as I've understood it.


That's my understanding as well. The '92 E36 engines did not have VANOS (variable valve timing), so in an effort to keep the base package as similar as possible, they were excluded.


Of course this is just based on my reading of the rules and commentary, Jon or Chris are probably in a better position to comment.

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The two previous answers are correct.


At this time, we are attempting to rewrite the rules to allow 1992 325i Chasis, with a swapped in 1993-1995 vanos motor.


So if you have a 1992 325 car or can find one cheaper than a 1993-1995 and want to come race, we're doing our best to include you.

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