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Newbie question on tires for HPDE events


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hi, newbie here:


I have a 04 GTO, planning to take it to HPDE events. would like suggestions on some good dry / hot / track tires. I am in socal region, so most likely will run in 100+ degree weather. looking for something that can run at full tread, that will hold up in hot weather. preferably cheap and long lasting


I have been looking at Kumho MX, Falken Azenis. I will do some auto-x also, but it seems track tires and auto-x tires are completely opposite. auto-x tire need to be sticky at cold. track tire need to hold up when hot.


also should the tires be heat cycled?

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The choice is a dedicated track tire that is durable, progressive and fun to drive


TOYO RA-1's is the premier product with DOT-R tire of 100 tread wear rating


Drive them to the track and have the best of both worlds





[email protected]

Authorized TOYO tire motorsports dealer of Socal

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Prevailing wisdom is NOT to begin learning to drive on track on R-compounds. The Azenis are a better track tire than the MXs - except in very wet conditions - and should serve you well for your first season!

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I do have some track experiences, and used to drive R-compound tires in early 90s. But I am looking for something that's cheap, long lasting, most importantly, that will hold up under heat, it gets really hot in the desert. I heard that Azenis does not hold up well in warm weather, don't know if that is true? are there any other tires you would recommend? thanks.

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Any street tire will go away (overheat) under a heavy, powerful car. Azenis can be brought back if you're willing to soft-pedal for a lap.


If you are used to Rs then definitely get a shaved set, They will hold up better than anything in the desert. RA1s are definitely cost-effective as they last a long time.

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