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Mustang 94-8 Carbon Fenders


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New carbon fiber front fenders for 94-8 Mustangs. Available in fiberglass for $450 a pair or hand laid carbon fiber for $700 a pair. Cabon fenders weight 5lbs each compared to stock steel of 12+lbs. These are stock width and dimensions, they even have the mounting tabs just like stock, easy install.


Also available, new carbon roof with built in driver scoop that weights only 7lbs. Full vacuum bagged honeycomb reinforced and very strong. Will fit any SN95 Mustang from 94-04. An easy way to lose 15-45 lbs. on the top of the car.


For more information or questions contact Paul at

[email protected]

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On a second note, I also have vacuum bagged carbon fenders for 99-04 Cobra nose that are 2" wider with a matching splitter and built in dive planes. This is the ultimate AIX combination, very light at 5 lbs each, strong and great for stuffing that 11” wheel combo under the car.


Coming soon for 99-04 Mustangs will be a functional heat extractor hood with 4 louvers on each side. Vacuum bagged carbon fiber with honeycomb for strength. Should be 8 lbs. or lighter.


I also have 1 fiberglass splitter with full floor for a stock/standard 03-4 Cobra available.


If you have any questions or would like pictures, please feel free to contact me.

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