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1995 GMC AWD Safari Hi-top Conv - fully set up for towing.


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7 passenger hi-top conversion.

Light green.

93,000 miles.


Tows 5,100 lbs as configured, over 4,000 is better with weight distribution than without.


Composite leaf springs replaced with steel leaf springs.

Air lift kit installed.

23,000 lb GVW transmission cooler.

Deeper transmission pan with drain plug and cooling vanes.

7.5k hidden hitch Class IV hitch.

7 pin connector.

Brake controller.


Located in Boonton, NJ 07005


If it doesn't sell quick it will be traded in.



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This is the Safari. Only came with the 4.3L V6 and the 700R-4 trans. More similar to a 1500. It is titled in NJ as a wagon. People have swapped 5.7L into them from the same model year pickups.


You may have seen it at Pocono if you go there with PDA or NASA. It took the STi (3200# itself) up 80 and back many times.


It is the AWD model.


Here it is trailering my STi and load with tools/etc for a track event on an uneven surface and prior to installing the airlift package. With the airlift and this same load it can be set to even a forward rake.




The following are from the ad when I purchased.









Three row seating, 4 reclining captains chairs and a bench.

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