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2005 CCR Changes

Jeff F

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Happened to be at the NASA main site looking at something else, and decided to see if there were any rules updates... and there were! The CCR has been updated for 2005. On a side note, JWL, is there a way that we can have notifications of rule changes via this website-- especially the mid-year changes?


Here's the executive summary:


-The requirement for angle of shoulder harnesses has been changed from 40 degrees to 20 degrees. The seat can no longer be used as a belt guide to meet the rule; it must be met with the belt attachements. This may affect a lot of people.

-Window nets are good for 5 years, as per the update earlier this year

-Tow eyes are now REQUIRED

-Proper racing seat is RECOMMENDED

-Requirements for seat mounting reinforcements on non-steel floors

-Advisory that SA2000 helmets will be required for 2006

-Advisory to expect SFI 38.1 Head & Neck restrains to be required for 2006

-Updates to some of the definitions of "punting" and the like

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Wait, does he want general CC&R changes during the season? (Do they happen?) Can't he read them before the season starts? Why should we repeat the general CC&R on the AI forum? Or does he want AI rule changes during the season? (They don't really happen mid-season either.) If he wants the rule changes before the season, we already have a "forum" for that. Confuzed.


(But then again, I'm blonde and easily confuzed.)



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I'm not asking for changes, I'm just looking for an announcement when new rules are released-- either as part of a yearly update, or mid season-- which does happen. I think that last years window net change happened in July! Who goes back to check for rules changes in July?


I saw the announcement when the AI rules came out, but at that time the CCR had not yet been updated. Maybe I'm in the slow group (in more ways than one!), but I hadn't checked back since then.

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We do try to avoid mid-year rule changes, but sometimes things come up that must be addressed ASAP like the window net stuff. I will do my best to get updates up here as Tech Bulletins and also spam all the e-mail lists to make sure no one is caught unaware.



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CCR has been updated again as of 5/10/05


Anyone know what changed? It's hard to tell with a quick scan because it shows everything that has changed since 2004 as a revision.

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