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95 SOHC Neon ACR Start racing in ITA or SN in 2005


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I have a white 1995 SOHC ACR located in Harrisburg, PA for sale. Convert this car to ITA or Spec Neon (SN)and start racing in 2005. I have been racing it at tracks on the east coast in SSC for the last four years. It has 13.1K on track miles. Price is $4,200.00. It will be sold with a new unpainted front bumper not the red one as shown. Photos can be seen at http://www.wappmanmotorsports.com/photos/neon/index.htm


*Bolt-in cage with optional drivers side door bar

*Kirky intermediate race seat

*Currently white, has some peeling paint on the roof

*12 wheels - 10 white and 2 silver

*Impact racing belts cam-lock (bought 2003)

*Fire extinguisher

*17 Used Kumho Victoracer V700 195/55 R14 (with good rubber left)

*2 New Kumho Ecsta V700 195/55 R14

*4 New Kumho Victoracer V700 195/55 R14 (full tread)

*1 ACR steering rack

*4 Arvin struts (spares)

*1 New drivers side door (white, gutted)

*1 Set of Hawk pads (Blue)

*2 Fenders (blue)

*1 Hood (blue)

*1 bumper (metal)

*2 spare knuckles with new hubs

*Various spares (headlight, ignition coil, belts, bolts sensors etc.)

*2 Hella 505 lights for night racing with mounting brackets

*2 calipers


Other stuff

Dual axle open trailer - $1100

Tow vehicle 86 Chevy Van built for towing - $2000


Contact me if you have any questions.


Bruce Wappman

Wappman Motorsports





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