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Kawasaki ZX11 (Radical Powertec) for sale

Allegro Racing

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Kawasaki ZX-11 motor (Radical PowerTec)


This is a modified Kawasaki ZX11 motor out of a 2000 Radical Prosport racing car. Motor is well used and needs rebuilding but was running and had no damage when removed from the car in April 2004 (was replaced by more modified motors). The engine had been run overheating for it’s last race.


Note, this motor has some differences from the stock ZX11.

1. Non-factory oil sump (still a wet sump)

2. Non-factory breather

3. Engine is sleeved to 1000cc for SCCA D-sports racing class

4. Non-stock output shaft (has the sprocket to accomodate this).

5. Cylinder head has non-factory hole for oil fitting (not included).


Engine is sold without:

1. Ignition trigger and related parts

2. Cylinder head water pipe

3. Motor “dolly” or engine stand shown in pictures.

4. Note: alternator is included with motor but is not shown in photos.


The engine will be sold as-is, where-is with no warranty expressed or implied. This motor is a good solid starting point for a rebuild or to build a crazy ZX11 without having to go to a junkyard or get a motor off a wrecked bike. I won’t crate and ship this motor but am in Southern California and will be available to have it picked up.


Make reasonable offer.


contact me at: nasaracer (at) cox (dot) net










This is the motor in its original installation:


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