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know of anyone that would trade phone dials for my fuchs


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I am hoping for a little cash plus a set of phone dials for '84 944.


I figured that most of us here don't want fuchs, but if you do for your street car OR know of anyone please let me know.


I am going to post on Pelican Parts and Rennlist also

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Yeah, the Fuchs are worth much more. What size are they? 7's and 8's x 15 or 16? Maybe I can help you push them. I still have a set of the lighter cookie cutters for sale.

Jason, keep in mind the stock track width rule, ok? I mean, make sure you're getting early offset phonies, not 87-88 ABS offset phonies. Thanks.

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Gotcha Tim


All I have right now are cookies and I thought phonies would be just be a nice change.


I thought they phonies for early cars? I know it was probably discussed here before, but I was under the assumption that the 924s was the only car with a narrower track width. Were the early 944's wider than the 85 1/2-88's?

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All the 944's including the 944 turbos, came from the factory with the same track width.

The 924S came with a much narrower track, the ABS offest, but only 6" wheels.

You can run phonies or cookies on the early cars. The cookies are 2-3 pounds lighter per wheel (unsprung weight).




There are 3 legal wheels for 944-spec. oOher wheels may have come from the factory or are on any car you buy.



These 3 Wheels are


"Cookie Cutter" wheels make by ATS (Standard wheel 83-85)


23.3 mm Early Offset "Phone Dials" (Standard Wheel 85.5 and 86)


52.3 mm Late Offset "Phone Dials" (Standard Wheel 87-88 944)



Now assuming you have not been updating/backdating parts your choice of wheels is as follows


83-86 944 = Cookie Cutters or early offset phone dials

(Note late offsetphone dials can be used if the proper aftermarket spacer is used. This not recomended as spacers increase loading on wheel studs and longer studs are often required)


87-88 944 and 87-88 924S = Late offset Phone Dials



To Clear things up remember cookie cutters work on 83-86 cars.


Phone dials have two stock offsets (early and late) and they all are stamped with proper offset.

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thanks Joe and Tim!


I am just going to buy a set of early offset phonies and sell my fuchs!




Know anyone that wants some fuching fuchs? Let me know and if I sell to your referral for $550 or more there is $50 in it for you!!

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You still haven't said what Fuching size the Fuchs are...............

Also, the cookie cutters are around 13 lbs per wheel whereas the phonies are about 17 lbs per wheel.

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I believe the are 15x6 and 15x7, but I have to double check before I put any ads out there. They are on an '84 944 currently


Jeff, how much did you sell your for?

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I have a set of phone dial wheels 15" x 7" ET 23.3 offset with Pirelli P4000 tires that I'm looking to unload. Someone on the Pelican board steered me over here.


Let me know if anyone is interested.

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haven't been around for a couple days....


bought a set of phonies from Steven Rea and now I am going to just sell the fuchs straight up. I have to see if they are 7's and 8's or just 7's.


they are on my car in storage...will let the board know soon

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