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Hyperfest 2010 (35 GTS entries so far)

Eric W.

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Hey GTS-ers!


Hyperfest is coming up soon! This event usually sells out. Who can resist the crazyness of huge race fields, daisy dukes contests, fireworks and a twilight enduro!?


So far, GTS Challenge looks to impress with:


(1) GTS1

(6) GTS2

(13) GTS3

(6) GTS4

(5) GTS5-U


If you want competition AND tons of spectators to cheer you on, this is the event to be at!


After seeing the wagering going on in the Great Lakes forum for TT, I propose some out of regioners from GL/Midwest, etc come out and ante up some of their region's beers!


Event Page and registration: http://nasaracing.net/Hyperfest10/event.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Hope to see some new faces!

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35 entries so far with some more on the waitlist.


There are still a couple spots left in GTS1-2. Lets pop 40!

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Dang... sorry to hear Josh. Was looking forward to duking it out w/ you.


Opens a spot in GTS3 eh? KOREY!

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