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New Private HC drivers forum

Jeremy C.

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Hi all,

I've gone ahead and created a private area for the current HC racers.

If you've raced HC in the last 2 seasons, just simply reply in this thread with a link to a mylaps result sheet showing your name in a HC race.

Then I'll add you to the list of approved members that can view the forums.


It's an area to discuss series issues in private whatever it may be.


So, go ahead and post that link and I'll try to get you added asap.



BTW, you can't see the new section which is at the top of the HC forum area until I add you as an approved user.


Thanks all!


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Everyone that has responded should have access now!

If you don't, please let me know so I can look into that for you.


Thanks All,


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  • National Staff
No HC private forum appears for me, but I suddenly got access to the "OG Video contest".


Chris, check again for me please.

I double checked and you are indeed on the list of people approved to view that section.

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