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Putnam HPDE1A videos


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def not as exciting as the racers but I think videos are quite valuable learning material when you review them! so if you were in HPDE1 A with me, I might have caught u on video.


this was my first ever time at putnam so i signed up as HPDE1. had a blast and learned! thanks Jon Cindric and other John (black camaro) for instructing sessions


Saturday Dry (white civic si, grey prelude, grey ef)

Saturday Wet 1 (grey ef, grey miata...not really good chase footage)


Sunday Dry (black 325, white evo, white/blue spec miata, red boxster, red miata)

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Hey, thanks for posting the videos! I was in the stupid-loud silver hardtop miata with black numbers and wheels, in the #3 of 5 video (~8 min mark).


I was gonna disconnect my rear swaybar because I was having the same oversteer issues that you were, but I always convinced myself it was going to dry up.


Stay in DE1 as long as you can. From a DE2 person, you'll learn so much more with the instructor. As I'm sure you saw, there were some DE2 people that could have used a little more time with someone in the passenger seat. Besides, it's great to pass a better car with a DE2 student driving while you have an instructor in your car,


Thanks again; nice running with ya.

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