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FS: H1 b-series engine - 0 miles - AP racing brakes - more


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B18C built to honda-challenge specs

- B18C block

- balanced rotating assembly

- GSR rods

- CTR oversized pistons

- Alaniz ported ITR head (Alaniz flow sheet included)

- Alaniz valve springs and titanium retainers

- Toda VTEC killer camshafts

- Unorthodox Racing Ultra T cam gears

- engine assembled by RLZ engineering

- 0 miles since assembly (never turned over)

- includes valve clearance specs












- Custom-built extended-length B18C header - $500

-- built for a World Challenge racer - header disassembles into 3 pieces - is held together with springs








- AP Racing front brake kit CP3307-1026A

(fits under some 15” wheels) - $1200

- brake lines not pictured but included

- Caliper Family No. CP3307 (4 pot)

- Disc: 295x28 / 48 Grooved

- wheel clearance diagram - http://www.apracing.com/car/brakekit/p16020.pdf

- exploded kit view - http://www.apracing.com/car/brakekit/p12020.pdf






- Clutchmasters Stg3 clutch – one event - $300 (two at this price)


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