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The Flying Pumpkin is for sale....


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My beloved 1986 Porsche Spec Car is for sale to make room for a slightly "faster" race car... (CSR)


This is arguable the best built spec car in existence, and probably the winningest (sp?) The list of options is much too long for this post, but it has...


1986 chassis, (OEM Sunroof Delete) stripped to bare metal and reconditioned.

A hand fitted, tig welded, state of the art Cromoly cage with Nascar and bent "X" ($4000)

A Newly rebuilt 1988 motor. (3 hours) ($4000)

Short Fifth

Guard LSD ($2000)

Bilstein Shocks (run them or sell them and buy 3 sets of Konis)

Custom fabricated stainless header (Sell and buy 5 sets of tubulars)

custom exhaust

Custom Intake

Custom Strut Brace

New Sparco Circuit Seat

New Belts (one year)

In Car Fire System

Wired for In-car Radio

Quick-Change T-Bar set up... (Change Torsion bar at the track in 30 minutes)

AIM Data acquisition

Quick Disconnect Steering Hub

Kokeln Front Sway Bar (14lbs lighter than Welt)

Custom Bladed Rear Sway Bar


Etc, etc, etc,

Every piece of fabrication done like a race car... not a tractor.


Owning this car means you will never say, "I wish my car had that...."


THis car was on the cover of Velocity Magazine, in 2009... (It won all 3 POC championships)


I would GLADLY change out shocks and header to make 100% NASA approved. OR do it yourself, sell the Bilsteins and Header for $1000 or so...


Much, Much More....


12K... Have a 20' Box trailer too... Set up with tire Racks, Nitro, everything... simply everything.


Yes, I know, you do not need this developed of a car to win races... but I own a shop and had a lot of time on my hands... It was really fun working on this car..

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Let's get this 944 racer back in the fight.

It will need some changes to be NASA legal, but is obviously a really nice platform.


Jim, does the 12K price include the trailer or is that separate?

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Set up with tire Racks, Nitro, everything... simply everything.


Whats this "Nitro" thing? Does that come in a blue bottle?


It is a great car if there are any serious buyers out there.

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