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SoCal Sunday inverted start qual race format

Tim Comeau

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It sounds like we have a consensus for making this the regular format. It's exciting and good for the class is the feedback I'm getting.

If there are no strong reasons not to, I say, give the people what they want.

Any final thoughts before I tell Ryan we want to do this all the time?

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If we're making it official, here are my thoughts:


- We should always use the race results from the previous day. Last Sunday's qualifying race was set by something else, maybe by that morning's practice session times. Especially confusing when about half the field switched cars for the practice session

- I believe the FFR group would run a qualifying race regardless of when the other classes are doing in the race group's qualifying session. It may not be the best idea to run a qualifying race if the entire session isn't doing the same.

- The FFR group is also using an inverted grid and they receive points for the qualifying race. If we make this official, it would be interesting to assign points (fractional?) to it.


Just my $0.02.

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Only one race per day can count for TOYO TIRES bucks.


It might be interesting to have some kind of a separate "for fun" points race. Just thinking out loud here.........


The inverted start IS the handicapping! No handicapping points needed. Just count the finishing positions.



-What do we win? Door prizes?


When I was in an indoor karting league, we scored a point for fatest lap during the race, as well as race points.

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I agree with Steve that Saturday's race finish results should be used for the inverted start. That is the way we did it in the past and it worked well. As long as the other classes are aware that we are doing a qualifying race, I see little problem.


We need to talk to the FFs and let them know that a point by on the straight does us no good if they keep their foot on the floor.

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100% correct!

I laughed about the point by thing! Although I HAVE used their speed to pull me along with them out of turn 9 and down the front straight at Willow.

Yes, only Sat's race results will be used to set the inverted grid for Sun's qual race. That way, there's no sand baggin'!

I thought the close racing was great fun, but I HATE the contact.

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Potential clarification on Sunday qualifying race grid. I should have been slotted third however when John blew the checkered flag in warmup they gave him a time penalty and moved him to the back. This caused the grid problem as the pre grid person had the positions prior to the penalty. They just moved me up one place to be on the outside of the front row.


I look forward to the inverted starts in the Sunday qualifying race. Make it happen Tim

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Ok, SoCal racers. There were no further comments, so Ryan has been informed of your wishes and replied, "Sounds good to me!"

So as the norm, we'll have a qual race on Sunday with an inverted grid based on Saturday's race finish, instead of a qualifying session.

Any other serious ideas for making the racing or the events even better?

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