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1989 BMW 325is, 20' enclosed trailer, spares, etc......


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Everything you need to go racing! Win in GTS1 or GTS2


1989 BMW 325is. Ground Control race suspension. Fresh rebuilt engine making 174 RWHP. 4.10 LSD, very well developed and tuned. See a photo at http://www.gtschallenge.com/pics/MO0404/00midohio2.jpg see a videos at http://www.gtschallenge.com/videos/PutnamLap.wmv and http://www.gtschallenge.com/videos/lap1%204-3-04.WMV Videos are with the stock motor making 155 RWHP The car weighs 2415 without the driver.


2002 US Cargo enclosed trailer. 110 hookup and wiring.


Spares: Fresh rebuilt stock engine(this engine and 50 lbs of ballast puts the car in GTS1) 3.73 LSD, 5 speed Getrag tranny, more suspension and brake parts than I can list.


Tires. 4 mounted Toyo RA1 rains and 6 mounted Toyo RA1 shaved( two have one heat cycle and 4 have two heat cycles)


This is everything you need to win in GTS Challenge which is now a National NASA class. Car has NASA and SCCA logbooks. See http://www.gtschallenge.com for GTS detalis.


$17,000 takes it all. I'm in the Pittsburgh area. If interested, email me directly at [email protected]

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