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Defnder Neck Restraint - $400 Excellent Condition


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I'm getting out of racing for a little bit to concentrate on getting out of debt.... but I'll be back again!!!


Selling my Defnder head and neck restraint for what I paid for it. $400


The unit is in excellent shape and has never been in a crash. Will include the carrying case, the posts and anchors, and the little tools to install the anchors and posts.


I'm located in Tyler, Tx.


I will ship if needed at buyers expense.

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Wow. I'm actually pretty suprised this hasn't sold to anyone yet.


Me too, I just bought a new one for full price last week..... Was looking for a used for for several weeks....

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Still available?


Is the D'fender, One size fits all?? I know, I could look it up myself,


and, does it have an expiration period, like helmets and belts?


very interested



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Mitch, it's still available. I'm suprised it hasn't sold yet. The least I've seen these things used at is $450 so it's a pretty good bargain for what I'm selling it at.


It is infact 1 size fits all, it's also fully adjustable as well. So if you want to drive a Formula 1 car in session one and a Sprint car in session 2 you can do it with ease.


I inquired about expiration dates and there are none on restraints. All they care about is if it's had any crash damage. Actually my 1st race I used a 5+ year old Hans device with no problems at all.

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