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Traqmate RPM settings


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I'm having weird results when I hookup the rpm input on my TraqSync cable. I have the module set to C for Coil and ran a cable straight to the neg side of the coil. With the User Data set via Traqview to 4 cylinders it is showing consistantly low. If I set it to 8 cyls then it appears more accurate but doesnt run full range.


What cylinder number do those of you who have traqmate and RPM connections have set ?


Am I missing anything obvious ?


Thanks Guys

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I just fired mine up to check but have to connect to the display unit to get that data. Will do that at the shop tomorrow.


But thanks to your post I just downloaded the files to update both the software and the display unit.

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So I checked my settings and on the car setup I have it on 4 cylinders, warning at 6400, red at 7000. I assume you can set the weight to whatever but I currently have mine at 2700.


I have the full unit with the display and the coil wire running to the sensor unit analog adapter.

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Thanks for checking.


I'll pull the data from the weekend and compare what got recorded. (The results I was seeing was in the driveway reving the engine in neutral using the Traqmate as a tach).

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