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ST/SU Rules Revised--Version 4.2 posted--7-1-10

Greg G.

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  • National Staff

All STR drivers need to take note of the latest version of the ST/SU Rules (v4.2).




There has been a significant change made to the STR (only STR) Weight Modification Factor Table for lighter weight vehicles.

Specifically, any vehicle that weighs 1850 lbs. or less will now be assessed a weight Modification Factor of -2.7. This will primarily

effect sports racers. However, any STR-only chassis vehicle that is 1850 lbs or less will take the assessment.


A provision has been made that allows any vehicle (less than 1851 lbs) that is legal in ST1 to compete in STR1, and any vehicle legal to compete in ST2 to compete in STR2 without taking this new -2.7 Modification Factor assessment by using a copy of their ST Car Classification Form, and handwriting STR1 or STR2 on the top of the completed form.


We have also simplified the transmission section on both the ST and STR Car Classification Forms--still a -0.2 Modification Factor if you have one of the specialized transmissions listed.


Drivers that have submitted ST and STR Car Classification Forms already in 2010 DO NOT need to submit a new 2010 v4.2 Car Classification Form to their region UNLESS the vehicle is an STR vehicle weighing less than 1851 lbs. Drivers will use the new ST and STR (v4.2) Car Classification Forms to submit at the NASA Championships.


If you have any questions, please contact me or Shawn Meze.



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  • National Staff

Also, we will soon announce a Technical Bulletin that will allow the Thunder Roadsters, Legends, Allison Legacys, and Baby Grands to continue to compete in STR using a Modification Factor for being under 1851 lbs. similar to what they had previously.



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