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Questions about the July 16th HDPE at Pocono


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Hello guys. This will be my first HDPE. I have a few questions...


I hear its best to do a tech inspection outside the event, How do I go about that? How do i find out who to go to?


Also, is there any other info/advice I should know about going to Pocono? I understand how to prep my car, I do alot of autocrosses, and I've read up on other threads from newbies here, but I don't want to miss anything.


PS- Also, to do some research for the track, do I look up Pocono "Long Course" ?

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Tech Inspection - Take the HPDE form to your favorite mechanic, ask him if you can watch as he checks the items.

Have him sign off on it and IIRC you need to sign it as well.


After you do this a few times and are confident checking your car out you can start teching it yourself before the event.


I haven't been to Pocono so I can't give advice on the track.

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You can have a mechanic or even check over the car yourself prior to arriving. However, you'll still need to run the car through tech when you arrive. They do tech all the way down at the last garage (somewhere around number 20 I think?)


As for finding information, what day(s) will you be there?


Friday we run all three infields (North, South, and East courses)

Saturday we run the double infield (clockwise)

Sunday we run the single infield (counter clockwise)


Here is a map of all of the various configurations:


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Okay, I thought that there was some fee if you had to be teched at the track.

Ive done a bunch of Autocrosses, so I know how to tech my car myself. If the offical check can be done there, that makes things alot easier.


Im running HPDE 1 on friday, So Ive got to check all 3 I suppose.


I have a light bend on the lip of a wheel, is that going to be an issue? I know it says "bent wheels are not allowed" on the tech sheet, but mine is just the lip, not the whole wheel itself.


Thanks for the help, and sorry to put up another newbie question thread....

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I'm pretty sure they don't charge for tech. Different regions are different and I don't BELIEVE the northeast charges for tech at the track.


I'd shoot Joe Casella an e-mail ([email protected]) or give him a call (973-253-3900) since that would be your best bet in getting the questions you have regarding tech and your wheel answered quickly. One of the guys that usually does tech would be able to answer your questions but he has a newborn so pffffft


As far as the three tracks, Friday will give you a change to try out each of the three tracks... as a newbie though, it'll be a bit more difficult because you'll only have 2 sessions on each track rather than a normal track day where you'll have four sessions to master the track.

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Ok, I'll email him, thanks.


Yeah, I was worried about them changing tracks on me. Thats alright, I've got youtube.

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