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HPDE question(s)

Rock Crusher

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Hi guys got some stupid newbie questions for ya'. Since i'm just starting roadracing i figure HPDE is a good place to start, so on with the questions, 1: I do have to be a NASA member to enter right? 2: Does the car need a rollcage,harness and a racing seat? (all the cars i have right now have bench or split bench seats). 3: Do these events always take place on weekends? 4: How much is it to enter the track typically?

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1) yup

2) no, a showroom stock car can HPDE. however, it's recommended you at least get performance brake pads and performance brake fluid. you never want to not be able to stop.

3) most of time yea...but i've seen some other clubs do organized DE's on weekdays too

4) $200/day is ballpark. that usually comes out to be about 5 20minute sessions per day. but depends on what's going on during the day.

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You need a membership any car will do as long as it pass tech. Recommend not to mix safety systems. You can go to the club codes and regulations in the website it will tell you everything you need to know about hpde.

For prices and event days go to registration for events and choose your region it tells you days and cost.

Have fun

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There are a bunch of "new to racing, what do I do" posts, do a search and read.

The above is not meant to be harsh, just think of your best friend helping you out.


One suggestion that I don't think anyone has made, and it just may be my old timers, go to an event BEFORE you register. Talk to lots of folks in the paddock. Talk to drivers, car owners, wives, girfriends, kids, dogs, cats, grid workers, corner workers, timing and scoring, etc. These folks will be your support crew at events you attend, because you will go to an event and break a frizzle on your car - someone will have something like it to help get you back out there.


A recomendation you will see a lot - start a crack habit instead, ITS CHEAPER!


Good luck! If you are in the southeast US hope to see you at the track!

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