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parting out MAM/VBD #07 e3 M3 GTS3 car *OBSOLETE-NEW POST*


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I'll be attending VIR race weekend on the 24th to deliver/peddle parts and drown my sorrows as a lowly spectator. Here is a list of what I have pulled or inspected on the car thus far; speak up, first come first served.



SALE PENDING $250 Sparco EVO L seat (was passenger seat) with full hard-mount hardware

SALE PENDING $100 Sparco 3” harness with quick release

SOLD $250 Package

Steering wheel with hub & aluminum quick release (snap-on type with oval mount)

13” convex mirror kit with roll cage mounts

Helmet hanger

Right side safety net and window net

Competition pedal covers

SALE PENDING $200 SafeCraft “racesafe” 5 lb mechanical fire system with two outlets (interior and engine) Fire system

SOLD $250 Rogue short shift kit

$100 Master battery cut-off with full wiring harness


SOLD $500 Full ChaseCam system with camera & unit mount (with cable to hook to TraqMate)

SOLD $250 Custom carbon console panel for defrost and fan switches & dash panel for three gauge system

Would consider selling whole console with shift boot, $400 incl. above.



SALE PENDINGSuspension (love to sell as one "kit"-make offer on everything)

$1,750 Full TC Kline “Smart” two way adjustable suspension with 700# rear and 500# front springs

$250 TC Kline Xbrace

$200 TC Kline adjustable rear lower control arms

$100 Solid motor & transmission mounts

$100 TC Kline rear upper shock mounts

$100 Adjustable rear sway bar links

$300 Turner Motorsports sways, f/r

$250 Ground Control adjustable tie rod ends

$650 Bimmerworld “Race” front control arms with Ground Control bushings (40 minutes of use)

$250 Ground Control upper strut mounts & full-“race” camber/caster plates

$500 pr OEM complete front spindle & hub assemblies with extended studs & race weight open lugs

A must for converting 325i to M3 components

$125 OEM power steering system, used



$250 OEM M/// rear rotors and calipers with almost new Hawk HT10 pads

SALE PENDING $2,000 StopTech ST40 332x32mm complete front brake kit with almost new Hawk HT10 pads (40 minutes on whole system). Will throw in wheel spacers and lines below).

Full set of Precision braided brake lines



Wheels & tires

SALE PENDING $1,400 Full set (4) brand new “sticker” Hoosier R6s (245/40/17) mounted on SSR Comp (17x8) wheels

$1,000 Full set (4) lightly used Hoosier full-rains mounted on Kosei wheels

$125 per wheel. (3) good SSR Comp wheels as above




$4,000 S52 3.2L just purchased and installed from Jason Marks (crew chief for James Clay at Bimmerworld, was his personal engine) September ’09. Custom SunBelt cams that were installed by Jason when we purchased engine. Also includes James’s special ECU tune, Euro HFM, 24 lb. Bosch injectors, Euro oil cooler (has damage)/filter relocate assembly, Fall-Line pulleys, and dual sump pan. Also have dual fuel pumps available.

SALE PENDING $1,000 Kromer Kraft custom headers and full exhaust

SOLD $250 Bimmerworld custom aluminum airbox (same as used in their World Challenge cars)



SOLD $1,000 (new cover is $455). Diff was $3,344 new and only has 40 minutes run time on it). Newly built Diffsonline custom diff (3.64 polished gear set, 3 clutch with 30/90 ramps with Rogue finned cover). Cover is cracked from side impact.

$500 Remanufactured BMW Getrag 5 speed transmission. Was installed in 07

$800 Popular M5 clutch/UUC flywheel combo, light use

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I may be interested in some of your stuff. How about sending me an email when you get

a minute and I'll tell you what I need and you can tell me what you have left. Or you can

just call me at 205-365-6059 Thanks, John

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Also, forgot to list euro tail light assemblies (no bulbs) and fiber trunk and carbon Motorsport rear wing (wing cracked along bottom edge 1/3 of the way around). Also have a fiber hood but has damage on left front corner. Make offer on above items pending information below.




[*]I have an offer on everything that is left including the full tub (pending photos) that I will certainly be entertaining. I will be sending photos to gentleman later today and we will go from there. Just trying to let everyone know in the spirit of full disclosure. Any offers made at this point will be pending that sale.[*]




Parts that may or will not go with that deal are;

(in addition to items already listed as SOLD)

rain tire set up,

transmission and clutch,

possibly coilovers, and rear shocks and springs




Thank you.

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I am interested in the rear Hawk brake pads only. If you're willing to sell them on their own, how much do you want for them...?





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