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ST 1 & ST2 at the Nationals


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As of 7/12:

18 ST2 entries

6 ST1 entries

I was suprised by how FEW ST1 entries and HOW MANY ST2 entries. It looks like ST1 is dieing and ST2 is flourishing.

ST2 should be a real great race. ST1.....I hope they have enough cars for a race by the time 2-3 break during the week.

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We have had some big ST2 fields this year in SoCal races.


FYI, as long as there are 4 cars registered by Sept 1st, there will be an ST1 race (even if there are only 2 cars left running).

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ST2 is at 18 entries right now, but it might actually be more come Nationals. I know a few guys who said theyre thinking about it and havent registered yet. So we can have over 20 racecars in ST2. Either way, you never know whos going to make it until it happens. Hopefully it all works out for everyone.

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