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FS: Integra GSR for Honda Challenge H3

Will Nonnamaker

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Acura Integra GSR - $17,000


Grand-Am Cup 2001 Sports Touring II Championship winning race car


Now is your chance to WIN in the the NASA Honda Challenge H3 class and the SCCA ITS class in the same car, on a budget!!!!!!!!!!!!


Integras from our shop sold to customers are winning already in ITS and Honda Challenge (Dubinsky & Ratcliffe)


*Screened radiator shield,

*Race Seat

*Auto Meter Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Gauges.

*Set of 4 Volk lightweight wheels (9 pounds) with 205-45-15 Hoosiers

*Hawk Brakes front and rear

*Braided Brake Lines

*Removeable Wheel Spacers

*Extra long Wheel Studs

*AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator

*AEM Pulleys

* AEM air intake

*Mugen Rear Swaybar

*Full Welded Rollcage (from Mark McMahon), with NASCAR style Driver's side door bars, and rollbar padding

*Mugen Suspension Camber Links on rear

*Fire Suppression System.

*Adjustable Shocks, front and rear.

*race springs

*Lightweight Battery.

*Momo Steering Wheel with Mugen adapter/extender

*Front and rear tow hooks

*Radio wiring harness, with push button on steering wheel

*Wide angle rear view mirror

* Hood Pins

* Great Spares Package


Contact: Will Nonnamaker - w(330) 497-4484 ext 23 or [email protected]



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