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Helpl - Cage built for GTS-3


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Hi All,


I have a '95 M3 track car that I am planning on caging to race in GTS-3.


I have a few questions about what is allowable for the cage.


From what I have read in the NASA CCR - if you tie the rear of the cage to the shock towers, you cannot then also tie the cage to the four rear sub-frame attachment points? Is this correct? I have noticed a lot of C-Mod cars in BMW CCA utilize additional attachment points where the subframe connects to the floor to support the sub-frame. It appears with NASA this is not possible.


Also, according to my reading of the CCR - you are not allowed to tie the cage into the front strut towers under any circumstances. Is this interpretation accurate?




John Cloutier

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John, I replied to you over on Bimmerforums.


No limitation in GTS for what you are mentioning. As long as you arent converting to a tube frame car, you can go nuts w/ the cage and have no penalty.

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John's on the money. We're sort of opposite many groups that say "If we don't say you can do it, you can't".


GTS is more along the lines of "If we don't say you CAN'T do it, GO FOR IT".


That said Tube frame's (Which is up to the discretion of GTS officials) are heavily penalized. However if you have most of your original chassis in tact (particularly the suspension pickup points) you have nothing to worry about.


You can always post pictures if you want an opinion.

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