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Since you won't come to Vegas...


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I'll go to you!


CalSpeedway, March 12th-13th event, eh.


It'll be my first time running Time Trials, my first time running CalSpeedway, and my first time running a SoCal track (is SOW really SoCal?).


I think I'll be in TT-D... or TT-C.


Anyone wanna recommend a good hotel? I'm thinking under $100/night

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  • National Staff

Glad you're coming. I think there is going to be a large field of TT drivers that weekend. We had 23 at Willow Springs and that was a no-points event. I don't have any recs. for hotels around Fontana, I have driven home at night in the past, and will probably be staying in a friend's motorhome this time. Hopefully someone else has some hotel ideas. I know that the PCA guys are using the Ontario Airport Marriot when they go there the next week. I'm not sure how much they will be charging for our weekend.

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I was going to try Amerihost Inn & Suites Fontana

unless someone know a reason not to.

Thom, is patrick going?


I'm bringing a friend with a WRX. We'll most likely room up in a Best Western hotel (it's $90/night, but oh so nice). I confirmed my usage of a tow vehicle (toyota sequoia... talk about comfortable!)... so, I'm there, just gotta register.



and it looks like I'm in TT-E.


I got a handful of things to do before that weekend though:

- change oil

- get new wheels/tyres

- swap seats

- get magnetics or stickers cut

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Looks like there will be a handful of Vegas racers heading out to Cal Speedway.



Thom (Red Mustang)

Patrick (erm...reddish? 350z)

Dave (shotgun in Red Mustang...unless he drives his Blue Mustang)

Justin (Silver WRX)

Kam (yellow CRX)

Chad (another WRX)

Victor (yellow Z3 or Blue Accord)


and one person who is still undecided:

Jim (Silver Elise)

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I will actually be in a Blue Mazdaspeed Protege. My Subaru is still out of commission... The last event at SOW, I attended with my Daewoo.


Kam, I look forward to meeting you.



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