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Different Types of Vehicle?

Mike O

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The only type of truck vehicle currently running in any series is the ProTrucks - purpose built race trucks. I have considered buying and building a mostly stock truck, such as a Ranger, S-10 or comparable sized truck. My question is "How do I determine what 'class' it would run in?" Would putting a small block V-8 in it disallow it? How do I find out what and how much I can do to it?

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I wonder if you could get an exemption to run American Iron? Otherwise I think you might be put in Super Unlimited.


I think there was discussion of a AI-Truck in the AI forum; you might want to check there.

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Why do you want to build a truck for road racing? You would be starting in a hole that you could never climb your way out. The type of trucks you're talking about could never be competitive in an form that is close to stock. Sure they can be lowered and made to look cool, but they will never handle. Throwing a V-8 into one only multiplies the problem. Basically, you would have a truck that won't turn and won't stop. I've known guys that have gone down the "virgin vehicle" road before, only to find themselves throwing lots of $$$ at a losing cause and giving up and buying a proven car. You will find yourself frustrated and over budget very quickly. About 15 years ago there was a pro compact truck road racing series. It was fun to watch and competition was close, but it didn't last long because the teams lost interest in it an soon there wasn't enough entrants to continue the series. If you really decide to go "truck racing", you may want to see if any of these trucks are still available. A good place to check is Archer Racing. They campaigned 2 or 3 of these trucks in the 80's.

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