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Jaffster E46 Turbo Race Car On Track - Videos!


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FINALLY after waiting what seems to be an eternity, I was able to get some time at the track ti test my E46 Turbo Race car, and it was at Monticello Motor Club.


Test went VERY well, only two small little things came up, but they did not stop me from running. One tiny leak (pressure line on Elec PS pump), and the main battery ground came loose...need to secure it to chassis better (just needs a lock nut).


Otherwise, out of the box the car handled fantastically! Extremely neutral, great entry bite, great mid corner grip. The car felt VERY hooked up, even at the 70-80% I was driving it at.


Basically had the track open to myself for over an hour, so I got a lot of testing done and only use 9 gallons of fuel! This thing is getting pretty good MPG funny enough!


I drove on and off line, took the car through some funky routes around the turns to feel out how the car reacts in many conditions...hug turns tight, hug turns high, basically just felt out the car's behavior.


Water never above 180 (88-90 ambient air temp, probably 105+ on track mid day)...cooler temps make this car MUCH faster, its pretty substantial. Oil temp never went above 200.



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Looking to run this in GTS4/5 depending on boost level... Might have to wait until 2011 season, but we'll see how the end of the season winds up.

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