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T1 Race car for sale


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'04 crate motor tuned by Phoenix with 1 race weekend & Runoffs


New complete rear end/housing & axles, all new calipers, also new wheel bearings/hubs/abs w/ GM studs installed weekend before Runoffs.


new rear spring, all new sway bar bushings, mostly new A arms


Rockland built trans 4 race weekends

car has all coolers/accusump by Phoenix


comes with a set of CCW wheels and Kumho 710 tires. Asking only $33,500.


This car qualified 3rd behind John Heinrocket and Freddie Baker in his Porsche at the 2004 Runoffs. It is a good car that has been well maintained and is 100% as it should be. My car always looks as good as the best and better than the rest where it really counts, under the car and under the hood.


You won't need to spend a dime, this car needs nothing! I ran 2 - 10 lap test sessions at Sebring and it is set up and ready to race!


Thanks for your interest.

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Hey T1 zo6,


I thought you might want to list the type of car. Although I was able to determine using your screen name that it is a corvette it would still be much better advertising to include the type and year of corvette. Also picture would really help. Good luck!

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