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Just talked my Dad into coming out! Convertible compliance?


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I kinda did my own thing when i was younger and never really shared too many Father son activities outside of camping trips which were great. Well, its been a long time since that has happened and i managed to talk him into getting out on track.


SO my question is:

I did some research and found that the Mini roll over protection is integrated into the frame. and the bars are not, in fact, just for looks.


Is he OK to head out there this october at Putnam?

Is there going to be a Hyperdrive? I would like him to do a full weekend as i feel just one session is not enough to "get it". but it may take some more convincing as we get closer to D day.

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Contact the region registrar to get the contact for the tech guys.


Some tracks are OK with a manuf statement of rollover protection - others are not.

You could always let him drive your car

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Mine is a FWD so its easy to control but it is setup for oversteer. I don't think it wise to send a completely green driver out like that. it took me over a year to stop my brain from wanting to lift in an oversteer situation. i will take your advise and contact the appropriate people. Thanks for the response.

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unbolt the rear swaybar if needed but there's something to be said for doing your first trackday in a familiar car if it is considered safe. Convertables are always a sticky issue.

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