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NASA Nationals Pics - Honda Challenge winners


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Here are some pics from the Nationals race on Saturday...way to go NorCal!


H1 Start



H2 Start



Checkered Flag for H1 Champ



H1 Podium



H2 Podium



3 H1 Champs Celebrate



Norcal #1 and #2 cars



H1 Winning Car



H2 Winning Car



Three Peat !


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Great pics!


Yes, would be good to see the Championships move around, SolCal are due, so hopefully next year....Benny came close, he had a great race....


hahaha tell Graham that Congrats to him on the 3-peat!!!!!

So Cal due?! they won it last year in H2 They're going to have to earn it back...but this time the east coast boys are going to be ready take what was once theirs

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Congrats again to the winners and podium finishers. Sorry I couldn't give you guys a better run, but I'll be better prepared next year. As always it was great to see everyone again and to meet some new HC racers. Have a great off-season and I hope to see some of you out at Mid-Ohio.

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Great pics!

Loved that 3 peat one... LOL


NASA Honda Challenge, sponsored by Honda, pace car by Mazda??? It would be cool if the Honda Challenge pace car were a Honda....

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