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points and hp


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i am sorry to ask, but i am having more than the usual trouble understanding this points system.


Ive got a 05 Mustang. 3450lbs with driver.

275 DOT +0.4

3450lbs +0.2



Where do I stand?

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I think you would be heavy? at that power on 275's you could be as light as 3030? if you put a wider tire under it you would then have to be 3175 across the scale for that hp - time for a diet or add some hp to match the weight?

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10.052 adjusted is what I came up with


assuming 275 DOTs and a goal of ST2

keep the weight the same you could go as high as 479whp

keep the hp the same you could go as low as 3066lbs with driver


or some combination therof - the excel tool works great for playing what-ifs


If ST3 was the goal you'd need some lead and/or a restrictior of some sort to choke it down a touch. I can run those numbers too

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as long as i want to keep the car grand am legal i cant really play much with either weight or hp. I can monkey with the exhaust and get the car up to around 375whp. I can go on a diet myself and get the car down to 3425. I can go with 285wide tires if I want to.


i dont see any way of maxxing out the points. in my limited laps in the car, ive run 1:39's at Road Atlanta with Cliff Brown running 1:37's comfortably. That seems to be competitive ST2 times for NASA SE.


If the weather cooperates, maybe I will try ST2 for December at Road Atlanta and see what that is like.

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thats probably the way to go. i could keep the street car exhaust thats on the car now and it would dyno to AI specs, but as of yesterday the spec toyo ra1 in 18" is $344 a piece shaved and the BFG R1 is $268. Their good laps last as long as the Toyo. The $300 saved on one set is an entry fee. Over two sets, its two entry fees.

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