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Tim Comeau

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Thanks Tom.


As for co-drivers, I have one so far and I'm not sure if we want to do two or three drivers. Depends on if we really want to win E3 or just have fun with it. We'll talk about it on Saturday.

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Richmond No

Nidern Maybe

Delano Maybe Sunday only


Mike Peters?

Agoston Yes

Atteberry Yes

Buzzetti Yes

Hohler No

Gogus No

Hirsch No

Comeau- Can't register until 5 of you guys do.

I know Nationals was a lot of time and money.

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Update after phone calls.


Allen no

Delano no


Most drivers invested so much time and/or money into Nationals that they're still tapped just a few weeks later. Let's work hard to get all drivers out for November 6-7 at BW, including Peters!

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Do you have gas cans?



I believe that "sleepy" Agoston has gas cans. No more borrowed leaky gas cans. Note that if you are late to grid for an enduro, you have plenty of time to make up lost ground


Have a great time guys. Wish I could be there, but my very short season is over for the year.

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Charlie the last enduro I donated the fuel cans which can be used again already numbered 512 Need spill pan, fire extinguisher, and at least two people to cover fueling. would be nice if had spare tires if needed in emergency, I am sure missed something

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