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First time on track soon


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I'm looking into doing some HPDEs at the Novice level, starting with the one at Homestead Miami in November. I've never had my car on a track; it's my daily driver. It's a 2002 WRX wagon with automatic. It has some mods; an APS TBE, uppipe, Cobb accessport (stock tuned). I have 2 month-old Bridgestone Potenza RE960s(high performance all-seasons) on 2004 STi BBS wheels and Hawk HP pads with stainless steel lines.

What should I bring with me besides a helmet and money? Do I need numbers for Novice class?

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Not sure about your region but in ours you need numbers. Some blue painters take comes in handy for that.


Highly Recommend:

Helmet must be SA2000 or SA2005. Confirm this beforehand.

Air pressure gage

Torque wrench/socket for lugnuts

Quart of oil

brake fluid

enough water to last through the day especially if it's hot

most regions require long sleeve shirt and long pants

sneakers (not bulky)

tuperware or similar container to put all your stuff in

Subi's do not like to run low on fuel. Keep it above half


If possible:

Race jack

extra pads


Have fun!

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