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Lot's O Questions.....


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Hello all-

I'm new to this forum and NASA rules. I'm looking to make the move from (NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CORVETTE CLUBS) or the NCCC High/low speed auto-x racing.

I have a NCCC High Speed license and run at a couple different tracks on open lap days over the last 3 years. I'm wanting to start in with HPDE and TT events. How do I get starded and what should I plan on for weekend entry fees. I plan on joining the Midwest group.


Thanks in advance


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Start by signing up for HPDE1. With your previous high speed NCCC and track day experience, you will probably get bumped up a group rapidly. From there, check the regs on what is required for advancement to the next level. Pay attention in class and listen to your instructor - you can advance rapidly pending on capability and experience.

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I don't know the midwest region specifically, but with that kind of experience, they might set you up for a checkout ride with an instructor to determine which run group they want to start you in. You should contact their registration people and see what they have to say, since how it is handled seems to be a little different based on which region you are in. In NASA, you need to advance to group 4 in order to do TT.

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Welcome to the Midwest Region. Go to www.NasaMidwest.com. Look up the TT Director's email info and point your questions to him. Our Group 4/TT drivers are very fast and run without any passing restrictions. It's not racing but you have to be very comfortable going door to door and being passed in corners. If you find you're not comfortable with this then don't be afraid to back down to HPDE 2 or 3.


See you at Autobahn in April!


Sidney Franklin

Midwest Region - Instructor

CMC2 #64

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