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American Iron Extreme chassis for sale


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With last year's bankruptcy of Cerra Racing (owner, sponsor) this car never truly got to make any races. Then I had to fight off people, figure out who owned what, blah blah. Now that it is all settled, I own it, but I don't want two race cars. I've been working on my AI car and frankly this car has become a sore subject for me. For all of you who know me and the car, you'll understand. With the need to only have race one car, I am going to sell it.



99 Mustang

4.6 aluminum block SHM motor built for reliability. No expense spared to build this engine.

FRPP stage three 2 valve heads (more torque than the 4 valves is the reason we did this)

SHM cams

The engine is fully race prepped and worthy of 600 at the wheels.

Vortech S trim supercharger running 9 lb's of boost.

FRPP intake and twin throttle bodies.

Canton road race oil pan.

C&R aluminum radiator

55 lb injectors.

Pauls high performance fuel rails.

Aeromitive fuel lines and fittings.

Quarter Master Extreme V 8.5" clutch (of course)

T56 transmission.

Ford Motorsport drive shaft. Motor, trans, supercharger, radiator, injectors, clutch, pan, rails, and the rest of the motor are sold.


Aeromotive fuel pump (a1000), filters, and check valves.

Fuel safe Cobra fuel cell. The Pro aluminum one with the bladder.

Accusump system

10 point custom cage.

Through the floor sub frame connectors.

Griggs World challenge rear lower control arms (where the torque box is cut out and the arms are extended to 28" length. Sphericals on both sides.

Griggs cambered axle with 9" ends.

Black gold diff with 3:90 rear gears.

Custom three link rear setup. This thing plants hard on exit.

Griggs custom valved Koni shocks and coil-overs (300 lb springs)

Custom panhard, adjustable on chassis and axle side.


AJE K-member (the right one)

Bartworks SLA with coilovers, bumpsteer, spindles, etc. The whole "works". One of the only short long arm suspensions on the market.

Stoptech front brakes (stainless lines, two piece rotor and hat calipers, pads, brackets, etc)


Spa fire supression system.

Cobra Suzuka GT seat.

Schroth 6 point harness.

Griggs steering columm.

Momo steering wheel with quick release.

Custom aluminum bulkhead.

Lexan windshield, rear window, and side windows.

Relocated battery box.

Custom burned chip.

Full guage compliment.

Kaenen heat extracting hood.

Cobra R rear wing.

Aluminum front and rear bumper supports.

Cobra R wheels.


This car has the potential to be very quick. It was stopped from showing it at it's last race because a .030 washer was left off a bracket which threw off the alignment to the supercharger which then threw a belt which pulled the oil line out of the oil pan. It's only other time out was at Road America with the Northwood's Shelby club where officially it ran fast time of the day during an autocross. This was fast time ever. We also had the smaller pulley on it then. This car without the 18" kinesis wheels, and motor could be AI legal.


I'm not going to put a price on it. I'm going to ask for offers. I will state that my reserve for if I have to put it on ebay will be 13K. I am doing this because depending on the price I get for it, I may take some parts off of it to use on my existing race car, and street car. This will be decided during the dealing for it, not after. ( notice I didn't add the Kinesis three piece wheels) The car does not have the front splitter on it or those wheels.


Forgot to add that I would be interested in trading for an outstanding(and I do mean outstanding) street car, or a very nice enclosed trailer with all the "stuff" in it.



[email protected]



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