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What's a "bad harness"

Simon Tibbett

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I have a Simpson 5 point in our race car and I need to update before next season anyway as it expired this year, but how do you tell what aged harness will or won't pass tech?


It's "fury" in some places, like peach fuzz, is that bad? There are no rips or thick webbing coming off or anything. I'm just curious if I should replace them now for upcoming track days.

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I could be wrong but for HPDE events harnesses are not required so I am do not think expiration dates on the harness applies. With that being said if your harness is frayed then I would replace it. It comes down too what is your health worth.


11.4.8 Seatbelts and Harnesses

The seatbelts should be in good condition. No damage may be present on the seatbelts

and they must be the factory configuration. Any harness or any restraint system, other

than factory stock, shall conform to CCR section #15.5, in all respects* except for the

expiration regulations. Harnesses that are expired for racing may be used providing that

they are in at least very good condition. The use of a lap belt without any shoulder

restraint is not permitted. Passenger seatbelts must meet the same minimum

requirements per the CCR as the driver seatbelts if being used by a passenger. Note passenger

equipment need not match the installed equipment on the driver’s side.

*Aftermarket DOT-certified belt sets, installed to the manufacturer’s specifications may

be allowed. Proof of DOT certification and proper installation is the driver’s


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Some regions/organizations do check harness dates. I've been to a number of PCA events that looked for that, and I remember at least one or two NASA events where I got the Tech Stinkeye for an older harness. That "peachfuzz" wouldn't be too encouraging IMO.


Your best bet is to replace it. G-Force and some others make pretty cheap ones.

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Is the fuzz you mention, the stitching where the harness ends and buckles are sewn in? If so, you should consider replacing.


We carry both the GForce latch link, and cam lock style harnesses. Info in the links below. Please contact us at your convenience if we can be of assistance. G-Force also offers an FIA rated version of their Pro Series 6pt for $154.99. FIA harnesses are good for 5 years in competition use, vs 2 years for SFI rated harnesses





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