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can a CX shell run as an SI


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Due to the difficulty in finding some SI models, is it possible to get the cheaper CX/DX/VX shell and put the SI motor, etc. in?


I understand the rules are written to forbid using an advantageous shell in a lower class, but how about the other way around?



"The trim level of the car as it is classed for competition must remain intact. Mixing and matching of trim levels is not permitted."


lends me to believe the answer is no, but then the next statement


"Legal: A H3 Integra GS-R may be rebuilt from an Integra RS tub. The “advantages” of the RS shell are the lack of sunroof and ABS – both of which may be removed under these rules."


Says to me that since no advantage would be gained by this that it would be acceptable.


Could anyone direct me to a definitive response. I would appreciate it.


Thank you,


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I'll second that, plus you can even convert the rear to disc. Basically, since if built to the full extent of the rules, the Si would not have a sunroof, p/s, or abs, and the CX has none of those...then you can use that shell, in all honesty, just saves you money.

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