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Actually, it is the Intercontinental Trophy Cup series. It's not Interseries but the Interseries Caymans are a very similar spec (and easy to convert). From what I understand, the ITC series was developed to address some of the competitive rubbing points with Interseries and to provide a true ladder series for drivers hoping to climb to professional levels.


There are two classes, P1 and P2, with P1 aimed at the aspiring Sennas and P2 at the rest of us. It is, essentially, a professional spec series in what ought to be really fun and competitive cars. In GTS, I imagine these Caymans would be either GTS3 or 4.


Should be a lot of fun. Wish I had the budget.

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have you heard the associated expenses that will go with this series? I am very interested, but need to see the rules and the expenses. I requested through the contact request on their site, but I haven't had a response yet.

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The brochure I have says P1 is, "Looking for a vast driver/owner mix with team/driver and owner/driver combinations. Expected age: 18yrs and older. Annual available competition budget of $100K. Semi-professional with ambitions of professional North American racing along the lines of GA or ALMS."


For P2, "Looking for mainly owner/drivers, expected age 40-60 years, annual available competition budget of $75K. Semi-professional assimilation with better than 'club' environment with national pro series."


If you're interested, send a note to Doug Livingston, [email protected]. He can give you the full information.

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