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2011 Rules and BMW weight adjustments


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The 2011 rules call for a .2 factor adjustment for BMW Motorsport chassis'.


The E30 M3, with a VIN starting with the letters WBS.... is a BMW Motorsport Chassis. These cars were built by BMW Motorsport as a manufucturer Motorsport division factory homologation special for Group A, N and DTM racing series.


In other words, back in 1987-1991 the E30M3 was that days equivlaent of today's GT3 Cup car....


The E36, E46 and E90 models were/are regular BMW production line cars.


Does National realize they just penalized everyone in GTS who runs an E30 M3 chassis?


For me, this 1) guarantees I will not run my e30 m3 in GTS Challenge and 2) if I do show up in a different model at some point, and an E30 M3 chassis car beats me, the first thing I'm going to question is if their car is the proper weight/power under the new rules...after all, Motorsport Chassis, add .2 to the power weight formula, and there is no question the E30 M3 is a true BMW Motorsport chassis. (Same for the E28 M5 as a matter of fact).


Having been very involved in the BMW CCA rule sprocess in the past myself - I think you all should have left well enough alone, period. This opens up a can of worms.

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