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USTCC-GT Is looking to get more racers


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After a couple of years trying to get the USTCC-GT class off the ground we're making headway with various series sponsors for prizes and money. Now we need you..


If you are tired of just running GTS, PT, AI/AIX or SU and want to run something fun (We're going to be running a few support races this year with a few BIG race events...) We don't want you to abandon your current series, but to add another series to your season.


Hit me up, we're looking to put on a show this year to really build interest and to have a lot of fun. We've got TV coverage lined up as well.


The series will be kicking off in March at Infineon. For races across country we also have a sponsor who is willing to chip in for towing costs. What other race series can tell you that....


While the non-GT cars will be required to run a Nitto Tire, we are not currently locked in with a tire. So this is open.


Rules are fairly open - The big limits are 18x12 max rim size(larger diameter rims will be allowed), and 5.55:1 max hp/weight limit.


Contact me for me details. We're looking to get a core group of racers who understand that we're building this series up, and want to have fun and share in the growth of the series.


The cars will be limited to GT cars and Sports Sedans. 1993 or newer for some select makes and 95 most others. If you have a question on car eligibility contact me


Initially we need car counts to get the series sponsors behind this program and we'd love your support. (One key thing I will say is you and your car need to be faster than the USTCC cars)

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