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2011 WERC Season Opener April 9 Buttonwillow Raceway

Karen Salvaggio

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Wow!! It seems like the 25 Hours was just a few weeks ago! Where did the time go???


The first race of the WERC season will be a 3-hour enduro held at Buttonwillow Raceway on April 9, 2011 (A mere 45 days away! Yea!). While the full schedule is not yet available, early indications are that the race will begin at approximately 7:00 PM, and will run into the hours of darkness, so headlights will be required (Nightime at BTW....Right on!).


So let's go endurance racers..Time to sign up and get this season started!!!


Event sign-up page: http://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1218


Important Note:

Copied from event sign-up page: "Online Registration is discounted for early registration. Prices for the race groups will increase by $50 two weeks prior to the event (March 25th). Fees are $100 higher than online price by entering at the track!"


Translation......Sign up now!!!


The WERC Series has a tremendous history, and we're looking forward to a great future and a fantastic endurance racing season!!!



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New "Supersize Enduro" Option now available for the April 9th

3-Hour Enduro at Buttonwillow!!! 3-Hours of racing for only $179!!!!!



Sprint racers can now add the 3-Hour enduro to their regular race weekend for

the incredibly low price of $179!!!!! Where else can you get 3 hours of track

time and run with the greatest endurance racers (day/night!) on the planet?

Awesome deal, and a great time to jump into endurance racing!


Special thanks to NASA National Chairman and So Cal Regional Director Ryan

Flaherty for making this awesome racing opportunity available to racers!!! Let's

get the word out!!!



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Yea Ed!!! Let's go man! You got that truck really workin', and somebody's gotta keep the flying Jeagermeister's in order!



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